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Google the Denver Broncos schedule and you'll get 619,000 results - search for the high school lacrosse schedule across town and good luck! High school and youth sports have more fans than all pro sports combined and until now a platform where fans can find up-to-date schedules and scores or chat and share content didn't exist. Outsider was developed by youth sports coaches, parents, and fans in order to solve these issues - to create a place where relevant content is generated by the community alongside curated content from Outsider Sports.

Outsider Sports delivers:
  • Schedules & scores
  • Fan chat
  • Ability for fans to submit & share photos & video
  • Any team can join for free
  • Student Journalism resources where students can learn & submit content
  • Valuable content for athletes & coaches such as training guides & tips from pros

The Launch

Outsider Sports is planning to offically launch nationwide Fall 2018.

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